Urban Crofting is a about creating a new lifestyle that is apart from this world of ill health without going back to horse and buggy!



My latest year round greenhouse concept designed to integrate year round organic food production with sacred space, includes increased structural strength to withstand ever increasing effects of climate change and increased security for the coming economic changes

Soon I will be adding the new page including pictures and advice on winter greenhouse design


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Yes there is a spiritual aspect of organic gardening and this page is about exploring that path. Sacred Gardens is about creating a lifestyle for the human part of us that uplifts and helps build our spiritual part of us.  Purity is the key – there is a lot of goodness that comes from the garden.  


It should come as no surprise that our modern food supply has taken a walk off of the nutritional deep end

Everyone knows this but very few know just how bad it really is and and even less have a viable solution.

You are well awVideo 1 packaging 024are of the degradation caused by the chemicals and genetics, but did you know about nutrient malnutrition in the plants we call food that is caused by poor farming practices called modern agriculture.  Almost every advancement in agriculture has been a vain effort to recover from the damage caused by taking many nutrients from the soil, in the form of food, and replacing only a few.  If anything else was the case, there would be no need for the chemicals and genetics, or the huge pharmaceutical industry.  Please see Missing Micronutrients in the menu above

Clearly a viable alternative is needed

There is no free lunch and if you want it done right you will have to do it yourself.

Winter Growing

Winter Growing

Urban Crofting is a concept that offers a solution to the main problems that keep most from being able to grow and provide healthy food for their families.  First, you need a way to grow food all year long instead of just a couple months in the summer.  Second, any real solution has to be adaptable to an urban setting, where most people live.  Third, gardening in general has to be adapted to the modern family with working parents. You will begin to learn about the nutrients that are missing from your food and be able to grow your own healthy food, year round even in an urban neighborhood.

Organic Gardening is Evolving

The only way to make organic gardening better is to be able to grow all year long.

Greenhouse during winter snowfall

Greenhouse during winter snowfall


You need a specially designed greenhouse to be able to grow all year long.  Simple greenhouses lose too much heat and require too much additional heat.  Each situation is different and much of my book is dedicated to the design considerations required.

There is a lot of information packed into to this website about finding a sustainable, practical, nutritional alternative to the negative aspects of modern life.House Design 1